FREE LOCAL pick up & DROP OFF service


Customer Health & Safety

We take our customers health and safety very seriously at Roger Wait and we are doing our very best to ensure you receive the highest level of service throughout this period of uncertainty. 


At Roger Wait we can pick up and drop off your vehicle for both MOT or Servicing requirements. Our collection and delivery service will ensure your vehicle is well cared for and will be fully sanitised in our workshop before we drop it back to you helping prevent the spread of Coronavirus..


The UK Government recently announced that all vehicles that require an MOT from the 30th March 2020, will qualify for a six month grace period for the test to be carried out on a vehicle. The vehicle must, however, be kept safe to drive!.

Global Supply & Parts Shortages

We don’t currently have any component or parts shortages to continue to operate and carry out repairs, however, factories have closed and distribution of parts may become more difficult as the weeks/months pass by. There will be no guarantees in the long term that we will be able to get essential parts for your vehicle due to shortages in the global network!

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We very much look forward to hearing from and looking after your vehicle in the very near future.